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MAMIHLAPINATAPAI is an independent world music project based in the Netherlands that drinks from the influences of bands such as Mano Negra, The cat Empire, Snarky Puppy, Havana Abierta, Gogol Bordello, among others.

The band was born in 2016 by two childhood friends that, after several years living apart, met again in the The Hague. The need to obtain an extra income and their passion for street music led them to start MAMIHLAPINATAPAI. Soon, the idea started evolving with the arrival of new members; what began as a vaguely ambitious idea, soon became a very powerful reality: a band of 9 young musicians from very diverse backgrounds and a unique sound that fuses and travels between different styles. In 2017, they recorded their first album: Camino del sol, financed with the money they earned busking on the streets of the city that witnessed their union. Since then they have been restless: they have played in the some of the most important Dutch festivals (Oerol, Zwarte Cross, Parkpop Festival…), they participated as a guest group in the 30th edition of the Ferrara’s Busker Festival (Italy) and organized a small tour in northern Spain. In 2018, his song «Cumbia Maldita» got into the list of the best songs of the year on the Dutch radio show 3voor12.

In 2019, the band decided to slow down their live activities in order to focus on the composition and production of their second album, Maghía. This started a long journey in search of new sounds, styles and influences in order to make a LP full of musical and cultural diversity. The complexity of this new project and the search for the best conditions for each song led the band to record in up to 7 different studios between the Netherlands and Spain. 

Finally, in early 2020, Maghía becomes reality.