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MAMIHLAPINATAPAI gives name to our band, a word that comes from the Indigenous language of the Yámanas, a culture, which like so many others around the world, is almost extinct as a victim of postcolonialism and acculturation. The current situation of the different indigenous cultures that populate the Earth, is a problem of the past, present and future rooted in our society and mostly ignored. This problem, can not be something foreign to our comfortable way of life that as a result of uncontrolled exploitation of these cultures and their environments.

We are aware of this problem that remains very present: Currently, throughout the world, thousands of tribes are still oppressed and condemned along with our planet, the Earth, victims of the insatiable hunger and the inconsiderate interests of a system of uncontrolled exploitation and consumption. The few who dare to defend them are brutally murdered, as were Berta Cáceres, Isidro Baldenegro, Luis Carlos Gutiérrez or Guadalupe Campanur Tapia, who are part of a long list of more than 300 activists killed annually.

The financing of organizations dedicated to indigenous-environmental activism, the defense of human rights, hands on work in highly affected places and pushing for policies that promote these incentives, are tools and means to achieve change and improve the situation. We put at the service of this cause our most noble tool: Music. It can provide a pathway to honor and raise awareness about these cultures so abused by history, forgotten and abandoned like so many others that have already been lost in time. Cultures that despite some of their questionable customs, were culturally rich civilizations, with great knowledge of astronomy and industry, which maintained themselves in touch with the Earth and cared for her and everything that surrounded them. We all belong to civilizations that originally were indigenous, we belong to the same origin, all children of Mother Earth «Pachamama». For this reason we use our art as a means of vindication and to raise awareness, using certain sounds in our music or details in our clothes, typical of the different indigenous cultures that populate and populated this world.

written by Luciano Varela ramil

Translated by Alberto ruiz-Larrea