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MAMIHLAPINATAPAI is a world music collective based in The Netherlands, inspired by bands such as Mano Negra, Skarallaos, Che Sudaka or La Troba Kung-Fú.

It was brought to life in 2015 by two former members of the Spanish band Skarallaos, when they met again playing together in the streets of The Netherlands, after years away from each other. Since then, the band has grown and augmented its sounds and possibilities, they presented their first album “El Camino del Sol” in February 2017, and they have toured around playing in some of the most important festivals of the Netherlands (Oerol, MadNes, Zwarte Cross, Wildeburg, Surfana, Mañana Mañana…), Galicia (Spain) and they were invited to participate in the 30th edition of Ferrara Busker’s Festival (Italy). Furthermore, in the end of 2017 their song “Cumbia maldita” was selected as one of the best songs in the city of The Hague (Netherlands) by 3voor12.

Fueled with energy and joy, Mamihlapinatapai is more than music. Mamihlapinatapai is a vehicle for expressing emotions and bringing happiness to everyone in the midst of today’s socio-political situation, which is reflected through their lyrics. This is partially motivated and encouraged by all their experiences with different kinds of musical environments: Latin, Ska, Balkan, Jazz, Reggae, Flamenco… Their style can therefore be described as World Music in the widest of its meanings.